The animals at Christopher Ræburn...


Each season, we design an animal to sit alongside the collection. So far, the hare, the fox and the squirrel have all stepped up to the mark, but what do they mean and who could be next?

Reinforcing the minimal waste ethos of the Christopher Ræburn brand, the signature animals are crafted using the fabric off-cuts from the rest of the collection.

As remade is about completely desconstructing and then reworking an original garment, the animals continue the sustainable chain by reworking the fabric leftover from this process. Created using the same disused fabrics and materials as the rest of the collection pieces, the animals are an apt representation of the season’s character.

Adding an element of surprise and fun to each collection, the growing menagerie of Christopher Ræburn animals is due a new arrival for AW12, who do you think it will be?

Christopher Ræburn at The Shwop Lab


Old clothes shouldn't be thrown away, they should have a future.

Watch this special video of Christopher Ræburn talking about the importance of recycling at The Shwop Lab, in an interview with fashion editor Bel Jacobs. Looking to inspire a new generation to go out and start remaking, recycling and reusing, Christopher talks to the group about his own sustainable collections and the huge importance of the programme.

The Shwop Shop initiative, established by Marks & Spencer, looks at sustainability and why we need to change the way we shop. How does it work? Just take an old item of clothing to M&S each time you buy something new, add it to the 'Shwop Drop' box and programme partner Oxfam will either resell it, forward it on the The Third World or recycle the fibres to make new material. Nothing goes to a landfill. Nothing is wasted.

Victoria Beckham at Wuhao Curated Shop - Beijing


Here at Christopher Raeburn we're incredibly proud to see Victoria Beckham hanging out with our inflatable squirrel at Wuhao Curated Shop - Beijing. Thanks to Victoria Beckham on Twitter for this photograph.

Wuhao Curated Shop — Beijing


Excellent to see our Squirrel looking resplendent in the Beijing Spring sunshine. 

We wish all our wonderful supporters at Wuhao all the best and hope that we get to see their intriguing store soon enough! 


Squirrel Support


A big thank you to our fine Stockist Gago in Aix En Provence, France - it seems that our well travelled squirrel is right at home...

Isetan Shop Window, Tokyo Japan


Thank you to Isetan for their fantastic window display featuring our Spring / Summer 2012 T-Shirt and Hoodie. Very charming indeed. 

We want to know more about you


The Christopher Raeburn team would like to know more about fans of the brand. If you are a keen customer or a dedicated follower please get in touch. As its for a specific photography-based project, this is not one for the camera-shy. A few specifications due to sample sizing below.GirlsHeight: 5'7"-6'Dress size 8-10GuysHeight: 5'11"-6'3"Waist size 28-32Ages: 21-51+This is all about spirit and diversity so there are no other limitations on overall look.Please write us a line about:

  • Your occupation/interests
  • How long have you been into the brand?
  • Why does it make you happy?

Availability 10th–17th Sept in LondonPlease send details + 3-4 images (inc full-length if possible) to the email address below.Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you...