Last Sunday we unveiled our SS18 collection at London Fashion Week Men's.SS18, Christopher RÆBURN takes inspiration from ‘The Long Walk’ by Slavomir Rawicz; the collection brings both menswear and womenswear together to evoke the spirit of adventure and reflect on a myriad of weather conditions, notably desert wind and sun. 

With innovative design and sustainable intelligence at the core of the brand, this season Christopher RÆBURN’s REMADE ethos is further emphasised through the use of truly unique and pioneering materials including pre-flown kites in collaboration with EXKITE. This collaboration sees Ræburn experiment and innovate by deconstructing pre-flown kites and then intelligently reconstructing them into extraordinary macs, anoraks and jersey.

Other REMADE highlights include German wind ponchos made from cooling cotton, reworked into lightweight contemporary parkas offering protection from the sun, with the desert theme emphasized by patchworks of desert camouflage patterns. A key stand out feature this season has been the development of branded tape emphasising the 4 R’s (REMADE, REDUCED, RECYCLED, RÆBURN) across unisex tulles, parachute and outerwear pieces. 

In keeping with RÆBURN tradition, this season’s mascot is the jerboa, a hopping desert rodent, emblazoned across jersey and knitwear. These core jersey pieces include crews and hoodies made from organic cotton and will form part of RÆBURN’s REDUCED initiative.

Other developments this season include our new footwear collaboration with Palladium and a high quality minimalist watch brand Instrmnt. Both partnerships have allowed the RÆBURN brand to explore new areas of craft and deliver a product that is in keeping with our core ethos. Our collaboration with Palladium has allowed us to work closely together and explore a series of functional and innovative footwear. The same applies to our work with Instrmnt with whom we have worked closely to reduce the footprint of the watch without comprising on quality or materiality, resulting in a limited edition watch that will be released later on this year. We are proud to continue with our Avery dennison RBIS collaboration who deliver high quality recycled woven labelling and branding solutions that is visible throughout the collection. 

Special thanks to the British Fashion Council, Ben Grimes (casting), Dominic Harwood (sound), Blonstein (production), Fudge Professional (hair), AOFM (make-up), Exposure (PR), Régis Tosetti & Simon Palmieri (art direction), FALKE (socks). Contributors: Palladium, Instrmnt, Blackhorse Lane Atelier, Avery Dennison RBIS.